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Putting a question to my GP

Do you have a medical question you would like to submit to your GP? It is possible to submit this question to your GP online as well. This is called an e-consult and takes place in your patient environment. Via the Messages you can safely submit questions to your GP directly from your own account.

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What questions can I ask via an e-consult?

The e-consult is intended for simple healthcare questions to the GP that are not urgent. Examples include:

  • Lifestyle advice and questions
  • Questions on medicines
  • Questions about (results of) research
  • Questions about a previous consultation
  • Monitoring and follow-up for chronic conditions

Do you have a complaint that is likely to require a physical examination? If so, make an appointment with your GP.

How can I see if my question has been answered?

When your message has been answered, you will receive a notification at your e-mail address. To view the reply, you must log in to your patient area.


  • When the GP has answered your question, the e-consult is automatically closed. You cannot reply to the message directly. Do you still have questions after reading the answer? Then send a new message or contact the GP practice.
  • Your messages will be saved for a certain time. As a result, you can always view previous questions and answers.

Can I add an attachment to my message?

Yes, it is possible to send an attachment or photo in support.

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