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Electronic medical data sharing

Your GP and pharmacy each keep their own records about you. This contains information that is important for your treatment. Your GP records your symptoms and the treatments you receive. Your pharmacist records which medicines you receive and which medicines you are allergic to. This data can be exchanged with the LSP (National Switch Point). For a clear explanation of the LSP, watch the VZVZ film below.

Information and downloads

Giving permission

Does your GP or pharmacy use the LSP? Then he or she will ask you for permission to make your data available via this network. After your consent, your healthcare provider will register your data with the LSP by passing on your citizen service number (BSN).

Data retrieval

Another healthcare provider can then request your data if necessary for your treatment. Using your citizen service number, the LSP searches which healthcare providers have made data available about you. If data are available, the healthcare provider can request and view them. The network only lists your BSN and which GP and pharmacy have data available about you. Your medical data are therefore not stored in the LSP.


Do you want healthcare providers to be able to share your medical data electronically? Then you can give verbal consent for this if your GP or pharmacist asks for it. You can also print out the form, fill it in and hand it in to your healthcare provider. You can also arrange your permission online at www.volgjezorg.nl. Several healthcare providers may have data about you that they want to share. In that case, please give your consent to each healthcare provider. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

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