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An active lifestyle promotes physical and mental health. Exercise has a preventive effect on existing conditions and has even more positive effects. Many people visit their GP or physiotherapist with lifestyle-related complaints, often caused by inactivity.

People often know themselves that exercise is very good, but don't know where to start? With Moving On Recipe, you are literally taken by the hand to discover various ways of moving within your capabilities. If one doesn't work, we try something else. It's a tailor-made recipe. The task is really to lead as many people as possible towards exercise and then integrate exercise into your life for a better quality of life.

Are you getting the advice to exercise more, but don't know where to start?

  • Contact the Move on Recipe (BOR) Coach. This can be done by phone, e-mail or by filling in the form on the website. A conversation with the BOR Coach is free of charge.
  • The BOR Coach will talk to you about your personal wishes, ideas and limitations in the field of sports and exercise. The BOR-Coach is aware of the exercise possibilities in the neighbourhood or will look for them for you.
  • We look at which form of exercise suits you best and guide you towards integrating sport and exercise into your daily life.

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