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Suffering from dizziness? Exercise helps

1 in 4 people experience dizziness at some point in their lives. Doing exercises is an effective remedy for dizziness. But going out to exercise under the supervision of a GP or physiotherapist is often already a problem. This is why an online training with exercises that anyone can do at home has been developed. During Vertigo Training, you make movements with your head that actually make you dizzy. By deliberately causing dizziness, the brain starts reprogramming itself. This makes it better able to deal with dizziness when it arises unintentionally.

The exercises go in steps. Each time a particular exercise no longer makes you dizzy, you move on to the next exercise to continue training your body. Always do the exercises in a place where you can easily sit. The treatment lasts six weeks.

Curious? Watch the video below to find out more. Via the website you can also register for the training.

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