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GP measures blood pressure on patient

Care offer

The care offer of GP practice Keizer Karelpark consists of basic and supplementary offerings.

Basic offer:

The basic offer consists of initial care of all health complaints. For common complaints, the offer consists of making a probable diagnosis and most appropriate treatment, all in consultation with the patient. For less common complaints, our practice refers on, if necessary. During evening, night and weekend hours, our patients can contact the Amstelland GP out-of-hours service in Amstelveen (020-4562000). The care provided by the GP post is limited to emergency care. The basic offer of our practice is fully in line with the "Offer of GP medical care" as formulated by the National GP Association (LHV). Naturally, our entire care is based as much as possible on the content of general practitioner guidelines and standards as formulated by the Dutch General Practitioners Association (NHG), among others.

Additional offer:

In addition to the basic offer, we provide transmural chain care in the field of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and asthma/COPD. We also offer elderly care and care for mental disorders (so-called GGZ). Finally, we offer a broad package of diagnostic and therapeutic care such as, for example, lung function tests (spirometry), ankle-arm index, cognitive screening by means of Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE), IUD placement (IUD), smoking cessation counselling, STD screening, warts treatment, cervical smears, minor surgical procedures, etc.

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