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Welfare on Recipe | the district coach helps you for free

Wellbeing on Prescription is an alternative for people with psychosocial complaints. Instead of prescribing the 'traditional pill', the GP refers these patients to a well-being coach. Complaints such as fatigue, pain in the neck, but also stress, anxiety and gloom by no means always have a medical cause. Often underlying social problems play a role, such as death of a partner, job loss, loneliness, etc. Through Wellbeing on Recipe, patients are referred to the well-being coach.

Neighbourhood coach from Participe

The neighbourhood coach is keen to work with local residents to create a pleasant, social atmosphere in the neighbourhood and is your first point of contact when it comes to:

  • What to do in the neighbourhood.
  • Where to go with questions.
  • When there are concerns about the neighbourhood or a local resident.
  • When you want to undertake something or have a good idea.

The neighbourhood coach encourages initiatives to increase the enjoyment of living and life and thinks along with you about the right approach. He or she helps shape your ideas and makes the connection with the right residents or organisations through a broad network.

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