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Practice counsellor somatic

In people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, renal dysfunction, asthma and COPD and cardiovascular disease, periodic monitoring is necessary. The practice support person (POH) somatics does the supervision of these chronic conditions within a regular consultation hour.

The POH somatics has completed a training course that enables her to independently draw up a treatment plan for the above-mentioned patients. As there are continuous developments in her field, she attends many refresher courses every year. Where necessary, the POH somatics consults with the GP. The GP watches everything the POH somatics does.

One of the focal points of our chronic care is prevention and self-management. In this way, we hope that our patients take responsibility in order to optimise their health. Therefore, we consider positive attention, explanation and education important and try to motivate patients to change their life-style where necessary.

In addition to regular chronic care, our POH somatics also does:

  • Doppler survey
  • Ankle-arm index
  • Pulmonary function tests (spirometry)

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