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Self-test for HPV as you turn 30

In the year you turn 30, you get an invitation to have a smear test. What is new is that you will also get a self-test for HPV right away. Are you older than 30? Then the invitation will tell you how to order the self-test.

What is HPV?

HPV is a virus you get through sex. Almost everyone gets it. Usually your body clears the virus again. Sometimes it doesn't. Then cells can turn into cancer cells years later. For example, you can get cervical cancer from HPV.

The self-test

With the self-test you can extract some mucus from your vagina yourself. You send the self-test with mucus. It will be tested to see if it contains HPV.

Is there no HPV in your mucus? Then you have almost no chance of getting cervical cancer.
Is there HPV in your mucus? If so, visit your GP to a smear to have it made. Then you will know if there are any cells in your cervix that have changed.

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