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Pain when moving? Visit the physiotherapist

Over 1.5 million people in the Netherlands experience musculoskeletal complaints and suffer from them every day. This is not surprising, as we are getting older and older. On top of that, our region has an above-average ageing population. So complaints of shoulder, neck, hip, knee and lower back pain are particularly common among us. They are annoying complaints, but can often be remedied. That is why Amstelland has created a special care programme for orthopaedic complaints, in which GPs, physiotherapists and orthopaedists collaborate.

I have complaints, now what?

The physiotherapist is the primary specialist in our region. Do you have any questions? If so, contact the physiotherapist first for an appointment. The physiotherapist checks whether a consultation with the GP is necessary. The GPs and physiotherapists have made agreements on this.

What can I expect?

Good care in the right place. The best guidance to support you with your symptoms, and preferably help you get rid of your problems. Who and what is needed for this is coordinated by your care providers, who are familiar with the regional orthopaedics care programme. Together and in consultation with you, we determine the best way to reduce or eliminate your musculoskeletal complaints.

Physiotherapists who have collaborative arrangements with GPs are:

  • Ibis /Sleedhorn
  • Physio Centre Galaxy
  • Physiotherapy Dekker / Paca
  • Physiotherapy Medical Centre Randwijck-
  • Troelstralaan physiotherapy practice
  • Zonnestein physiotherapy practice
  • Zonnestein physiotherapy practice
  • Shoulder centre IBC Amstelland
  • Verleur physio (in GC de Marne)
  • Karel Muns Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy practice Zwarteweg
  • Plexus physiotherapy
  • Spits physiotherapy

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